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11:37 am: faldaral and fiddle dee dee
so ho hum. sybil is a bum. bum bum bum. not much interesting stuff going on in the life of sybil. i have job, o bliss! im working for a local catering company doin catererish shtuff. free food and a bowtie! heck yeah. im adjusting to not being in school and enjoyin aall this free time. man choir is interesting. im a music snob and can't handle it when people sing random notes. a few off tune isn't too terrible, but all totally random just irks me! and whats worse is when they sing those random notes LOUD. gets me in a tizzy it do. oh well. im not perfect either. im just so busy with all this singingness and stuff that i didn't realize that i spend almost all my time in a church: a place i used to keep my distance from. things change i guess. its not too bad yanno.

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